Abraham Katz holds the esteemed position of Director of Construction for the Florida Division at U.S. Development. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in construction and development, he is an invaluable asset, orchestrating intricate projects from their design inception through to their successful completion. His areas of expertise encompass design coordination, pre-construction planning and estimation, entitlements and permits, scheduling, cost management, contract administration, day-to-day oversight of construction operations, and more.

Before joining the U.S. Development team, Abraham served as Senior Project Manager at Ram Realty Advisors, where he spearheaded the construction of mixed-use multifamily developments, including CURV Luxury Apartments in Fort Lauderdale, among other notable projects. His impressive track record also includes the role of Senior Project Manager at Swire Properties, where he contributed to the construction of Brickell City Centre, one of Florida’s most expansive mixed-use ventures.

Abraham holds a degree in Civil Engineering and has earned qualifications in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University.