John M. Farina, president of U.S. Development, is a seasoned real estate developer with extensive experience in real estate speculation, development, and construction. Farina’s career boasts a diverse portfolio of residential projects, spanning from urban infill luxury townhome developments to expansive oceanfront mansions. These projects are located in various communities, from downtown Philadelphia to Brooklyn and oceanfront properties in Palm Beach County, Florida. Farina’s work consistently reflects the signature traits of U.S. Development—exemplary quality and innovation.

Over the past decade, Farina has built a sterling reputation nationwide. In the Philadelphia real estate community, he has transformed the city’s landscape by redeveloping vacant and distressed parcels with his high-end, luxury-designed homes and mid-rise builds. His tenure at U.S. Development witnessed one of the most significant redevelopment efforts in Philadelphia’s history. Throughout his career, he has crafted over 800 luxury homes and condominiums in 50 distinct complexes, playing a pivotal role in the industry’s growth. Proficient in land acquisition, zoning, design-build, and construction implementation, John has established a prominent presence in the real estate market with his posh luxury styling.

At U.S. Development, Farina led a team of more than 60 employees in creating the award-winning “Adagio” complex, which gained recognition in Philadelphia magazine’s “2016 Design Home” issue, featuring over 30 pages of accolades and content. Adagio stands as one of the company’s most remarkable achievements, enhancing the Philadelphia landscape.

Delray Beach, Florida, is another focal point in Farina’s career. His admiration for this picturesque coastal town led to the acquisition of several prime oceanfront building sites. One of these sites is the future home of Ocean Delray, the epitome of luxury oceanfront living, poised to deliver the high-end style and remarkable amenities synonymous with U.S. Development.

John is a Rutgers University graduate, holding degrees in environmental business economics and communications.